Dr. Sidney Weiser, A DPM Certified Podiatrist/Foot and Ankle Surgeon Located in the Chicagoland Area

Not sure if you should call the doctor? The doctor and his staff are available 24/7 to answer all your questions and want to help you. Below is a list of Foot and Ankle conditions which require medical attention. The first two require immediate medical attention so do not delay in calling.

If you cut or fracture your foot or ankle

If you see red streaks in your foot or ankle

If you have persistent pain or sores in/on your feet or ankles

If you have noticeable change (color, temperature) to your toenails or skin

If your feet are severely cracking, scaling, or peeling

If there are blisters on your feet

If you have a discharge of any kind from your feet or ankles

If your symptoms have not improved after one week of treatment with a non-     prescription medication, bandage, or brace.

If your toenail is getting thicker and causing you discomfort.

If you find there is any foreign object, such as glass, metal, or wood, embedded
    in your foot.

Don't See Your Problem Listed?

Your problem may be related to your foot or ankle or may be the symptom of another medical injury or illness. A prompt call to Dr. Sidney Weiser will put you on the path to a proper diagnosis and successful treatment.